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“Creativity Is Contagious”


As I’m entering the third week of being a student at Kingston University (KU) in the Creative Industries and the Creative Economy I’m finding that all my impressions are finally settling in. For starters, I’ll say that the experience so far have exceeded my expectations in many different ways – this particular post is focused on my expectations and experience with the subject of Design-Thinking.

In 2015 I enrolled in the summer course ‘Innovation and The Creative Industries’ at Copenhagen Business School as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree. We briefly touched upon the subject of design-thinking and the myth of the ‘Creative Genius’, but I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand the importance of diversity in the group’s skills, when working with design-thinking. Maybe because the course was purely theoretical and we never got to work with the processes ourselves.

Boy, did the induction week at KU change all that! In two days we worked actively with the basics of Design-Thinking with the subject of ‘Home’, trying to understand our own, as well as the users and their perception of home, in order to identify a gap in their needs and the current market offers to finally present a solution to the ‘problem’.

The result in itself is not what’s important in this post – the actual work, processes and results will be the theme of many posts to come. But in this case, what stuck with me the most was how the group worked together without any major difficulties even though everyone have different backgrounds, different skills and different approaches. Despite all of these differences I’ve never felt that I’ve been in a more secure, creative environment and ideas came pouring out – of every team member.

It got me thinking; Everyone has that friend they admire for his/her belief in own ideas and the way they, without fear, carry them out. After the last couple of weeks, I’m tempted to believe that it has to do with that person’s safe, creative environment, where no idea is more right or wrong than the other. When a group comes together, without any creative limitations and with a mutual understanding that a problem needs to be solved, creativity seems almost contagious.

“Creativity is contagious – Pass it on” – Albert Einstein



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