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Branding – Are you sure you know your target group?

Since we chose to work on ComfyEar as an idea, our little company has had to go through several changes. Initially, we wanted to build an accessory to those who suffer from sleep issues due to stress, anxiety etc., and who use earphones to listen to music or apps before going to sleep at night. As we had our Dragon’s Den presentations just before Christmas, we realised that ComfyEar might have more than one purpose. We decided that we wanted to use our first trade fair at Kingston Hill to gather information from potential users in terms of usage-situations and product design.


Trade Fair at Kingston Hill Campus


Besides from some very important information and feedback on the product design, we also realised that we might be looking at a completely different target group. 

In every single step we’ve gone through; product development, marketing, logo-design etc., we have tried to match our target group – the people who suffer from sleep issues, and who wear earphones in bed at night.
So to realise that the target group might be completely different than what we had believed, forced us to go back and change our communication about the product and the usage of the product.

We conducted a market research, as we wanted to know why people are using earphones in bed, and we found that the main reason (besides relaxing and unwinding) is to “reduce noise for the people around them”. They still want comfort, they still want to unwind, but the more we researched, the more we found that earphones are mainly being used not to disturb others in their environment.

Going from “People who suffer from sleep issues” to “People who enjoy watching movies or listening to sounds in bed, but who don’t want to disturb others” is significantly opening up our market. 
We still have the option of expanding the market later to include commuters, teenagers who watches video late at night etc., but being aware of WHO might benefit from the product and its value, is really helping us communicate the story properly.

As we were planning our marketing and branding strategy, we agreed to focus on the couple; the classic “she wants to read a book, and he wants to watch a movie/listen to music”-scenario. We planned the advert by drawing up a storyboard with the different frames that we wanted.

Frame from ComfyEar Ad 2017: “All You Need Is Comfort” by Luke Ducker & Fernando Trueba

We were lucky enough to have Luke Ducker and Fernando Trueba to help us shoot the video and do our editing. Even though we had planned out the frames beforehand, we ended up changing the direction a bit, when it seemed more natural. Having Luke and Fernando doing the filming and editing, it was definitely easier to see what worked and what had to be changed. (Thank you, guys!).

After months of pivoting, the product is finally at a stage, where we are ready to sell, and with a clear idea on who our target market is, we are now finalising our branding and marketing strategy, creating a new logo and preparing a more refined story to match our product.

On Saturday we will be selling at Kingston Market, and I’m really exited to see if the changes in our communication will have an impact on the people approaching our trade stand.

More on that soon…


“Customers today are not just consumers; they are also creators, developing content and ideas — and encountering challenges — right along with you. Creativity in marketing requires working with customers right from the start to weave their experiences with your efforts to expand your company’s reach.” (Bonchek and France, 2017)



Bonchek, M. and France, C. (2017). What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today. [online] Harvard Business Review. Available at: [Accessed 27 Feb. 2017]. 


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