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ComfyEar & The Mock Dragons

Everything we have been through since the first day at Kingston University has led up to the final Dragon’s Den on March 17th. I will come back to the events that passed that day, but first I think it is important to explain how the busiest week of this Master’s was a game changer for how we presented ourselves, our product and our business, as we entered a mock Dragon’s Den on the 10th.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 14.47.43
Business Report 2016-17


Tuesday before the mock we had to hand in our business report, and we had made most of it in the weeks before, so we only needed to make a few changes. We ended up spending 12 hours perfecting the design of the business report (half way through the computer crashed). What the business report did, was that it made it perfectly clear for us how we should present the product, the company economy, the design process and the marketing. Not that we didn’t know before, but with the business report it just became more specific.

The mock was on Friday, and I had to hand-in an assignment for my music class on Thursday consisting of two self-composed and self-recorded songs, so naturally my mind was sliding in and out of business and creativity. The presentation was only 6 minutes, and realising now, with the business report in hand, how much we needed to say, we tried to put the information into the framework we had already used once in our first Dragon’s Den – the one before Christmas. The presentation went ok, but what I realised a couple of days later was that trying to fit our entire business report into a framework designed for a “first stage”-presentation, was not the way to go. Luckily, the judges had provided us with their feedback sheets, so we knew what to work on.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 14.47.50
The Team

We needed to make our business pitch stronger, we needed to make the marketing strategy stronger and we needed a thorough explanation of the product in use and the design process.

We perfected the pitch as much we could with the feedback we had gotten from the judges, and now we had to prepare for the final test – The Final Dragon’s Den.


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